Brax is a native advertising platform for bulk management, unified reporting and rule-based goal optimization across sources. Brax streamlines content syndication across Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent and others.

Combine campaign performance with existing engagement, conversion and sales data to automate budget, bid and publisher adjustments. Connect multiple accounts to manage multiple brands while adding multiple users with access permissions.

The Vision

A centralized platform to scale content marketing allowing advertisers to focus on the creative process with instant insight into data.

  • Central location to syndicate content.
  • Single point of access for all campaigns, data and reports.
  • Custom rule based programmatic optimization.
  • Universal API
Khaled Azar

Khaled Azar

CEO / Co-Founder

Mark Simon

Mark Simon

CXO / Co-Founder

Jack Gersten

Jack Gersten

Head of Software Development

Casey Tucker

Casey Tucker

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton

Software Engineer

Kalen Foster

Kalen Foster

Product Manager

Core Values

Values to Live and Operate by


We are dedicated to growth at the personal, professional and company level. This means every individual contributor is becoming a better person, increasing professional skill sets, and growing company revenue. We apply ambition by finding the best solution available given the knowledge and resources available at the time. Every individual is expected to complete professional development at least once per quarter through various means including Lynda.com, Udacity, Conferences, etc.

We apply ambition by asking these questions:

  • What can I do better today than yesterday?
  • Am I proud of this?
  • Will this scale 10x? 100x?
  • Am I willing to do this myself?
  • Will this continue to help me in 10 years?


We are a tight-knit team, and our success relies on continuous collaboration with employees, partners, vendors and customers. We encourage cooperation in the civic and business communities whenever possible. We apply collaboration daily by seeking input from others inside the organization. We apply collaboration by including customers and partners in discussions that impact them including product changes and new initiatives.

We apply collaboration by asking these questions:

  • Is there anyone at Brax who can provide additional insight?
  • Is there a customer, vendor or partner that can provide additional insight?
  • How does this impact customers, partners or vendors?
  • Does this need to be communicated to anyone inside or outside of Brax?
  • Who is an expert at this (does not have to be an employee)?


Wisdom is turning complexity into simplicity through competency and automation. We apply wisdom by using processes to automate as much of the business as possible. This includes human resource-heavy tasks such as hiring, training, and promotions.

We apply wisdom by asking these questions:

  • Is there data to help us make a decision?
  • What is the simplest solution?
  • What is the risk / downside?
  • How do we minimize the downside?
  • How does this impact customers and revenue?


We have passion and perseverance for long-term goals. We apply grit by making every day our “masterpiece”; meaning we did our best leaving nothing on the table. We know we can achieve anything worth doing working together as a team.

We apply grit by asking these questions:

  • How do we solve the problem in front of us?
  • Who has the experience to give us insight (internal or external)?
  • What is our biggest weakness? How do we shore up / improve our weakness?
  • What can we learn from this failure or mistake?
  • How do we prevent making this mistake again?


We are dedicated to delivering quality work through sustainable processes that require personal accountability. We apply integrity on a daily basis by doing what we say and completing work on agreed upon deadlines.

We apply integrity by asking these questions:

  • Am I honest and fair?
  • What do I need to do today to move toward the milestone/deadline?
  • Is this sustainable?
  • Is this my best work?