Latest Demo & Uruguay Sprint Release Notes

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The following is a video that reviews our Uruguay Release feature list as well as an updated demo.

To start with the demo, jump to 9:25 on the video.

Latest Demo & Uruguay Sprint Release Notes from Brax.

Sweden Sprint Release Notes

  • Small Design & UI Improvements
    • Some wrapping of text and moving of icons.
  • Ad Group Enhancements
    • Save Ad Group without pushing
    • Add ads to ad group existing
    • Row view instead of grid view for ads
    • Duplicate ad row
      • Can duplicate ads
      • Edit their headlines
      • For Revcontent you can do content type
      • Individual URL per ad
    • Tracking Modification Dates
      • Each group and each ad has a modification date.
  • Job history upgrades
    • You can now see a cleaner format for job history
  • Revcontent API enhancements
    • No longer will be sending over information so it doesn’t put it to pending
  • Image Cropping Enhancements
    • Added filter values
    • Reset filter button
    • Fits to screen for large images
    • Improved loading speed
  • Inline Editing of Budgets for Yahoo Campaigns
  • Warning of Large increases in Budget & CPC (over 5x)


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