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Yahoo! Gemini Best Practices


Yahoo! owns and operates fifty different web properties and now offers innovative advertising solutions. So making sure your ads show up properly is important to help drive people to your site. Brax has put together everything you need to know to make the perfect ads.   

Technical Specifications:

Image Size 1200×627 pixels627×627 pixels
Max Headline Characters 50 characters
Max Description Characters 150 characters
Max Recommended CPC Start Desktop $0.05
Max Recommended CPC Start Mobile $0.05
Location Targeting: Country, Region, State, DMA
Device Targeting Desktop, Mobile (Can’t target separately)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) No

Headline Tips & Tricks:

  • Numbered lists perform better.
  • Listicle or How To perform better.
  • Mix of something very specific with something vague.
  • Use unique rationale.
  • Celebrities perform better.
  • Questions help entice the reader.
  • Negative words perform better than positive words.
  • Evoke a high-arousal emotion.
  • Use the target audience in the headline.
  • Use demonyms to connect to local audiences.
  • Brand mention aid in recall.

Photo Image Tips & Tricks:

  • Use relevant photographs over clipart.
  • Photographs over logos.
  • People-based images are more engaging.
  • Close-up photos of people’s faces over action shots.
  • Image target audience that matches content.
  • Use logo in the images.

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